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Eskil Middle East Learning & Development delivers uniquely designed corporate workshops including Leadership, Team Excellence and individual performance - find out more about us

Eskil designs builds and delivers learning & development for a Middle Eastern audience.  What is different about us is that we have a Middle Eastern presence with Arabic & European facilitators delivering work to an academically-recognized standard that is practical and can be applied in the workplace.

Every aspect of our workshops focus on delivering against your corporate ambitions.  We equip every participant with new skills for their job.

As the Middle East learning & development brand of the international business consultancy, Eskil, our approach incorporates applied business psychology, gamified elearning, serious games, workshops, learner mentoring, virtual classes and much more.

Our portfolio ranges from 1:1 work through to speaking at conferences as well as delivering off-the-shelf workshops through to designing full learning programmes.

If you are serious about sharpening your professional edge, then we are the right organization for you.

With input from our Associates and Partners, we have been able to build a strong learning experience that begins before the workshop and continues long after – giving us the opportunity to create sustainable learning for your people when they attend our sessions.


Training is a transient experience – the frequency of how a learner chooses to access and use new information determines as to whether or not it ‘sticks’.

Eskil has developed a complete complete wrap-around executive L&D solution focusing on giving you a return on development investment.


Eskil’s global network of facilitators have been certified by our Quality Management team to ensure that they have the necessary skills to make the learning & development experience both relevant and sustainable – putting the learner at the center.


There is no denying that academic knowledge is important – but, to see a real ROI, Eskil focuses on output / outcome-focused learning & development.

Once a theory has been explained, Eskil’s facilitators work with you to create action & implementation plans to deploy new knowledge back into the workplace.


We do not employ professional trainers: we work with business professionals skilled in facilitation: guiding our delegates through their own individual Learning & Development Experience.


We are able to offer access to Eskil’s Corporate Social Responsibility Subsidy Fund (CSF) to not-for-profit or green energy organizations local to Beirut, Cairo or Dubai.  This can be as much as 45% for qualifying enterprises.

To organize a discussion with us:

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Contact: Elias Fikany
Cell: +961 70 104 265
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Website: eskil.co