About Us

Eskil Executive Learning & Development Experiences delivers Open Workshops, Tailored Training and Organizational Development Workshops covering Leadership, Strategy, and IntrapreneurshipEskil designs builds and delivers blended executive learning & development programs for a global audience.

As the L&D brand of the international boardroom development company, Eskil, our approach incorporates applied business psychology, gamified elearning, serious games, workshops, learner mentoring, virtual classes and much more.

Our primary focus is on developing the capability of the boardroom as well as the individual executive and non-executive directors.

Secondary to this, our Step Up program supports those individuals keen to build their knowledge as they progress into leadership.

We work in partnership with colleagues in Eskil to deliver Corporate Workshops.

If you are serious about sharpening your professional edge, then we may be the right organization for you.

With input from our Facilitators, we have been able to build a strong learning experience that begins before the workshop and continues long after - giving us the opportunity to create sustainable learning for people who attend our sessions.

Eskil delivers blended learning & development in three key areas that help to nurture your organizational health: leadership, intrapreneurship, and wider organizational development.

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Training ROI

Training is a transient experience – the frequency of how a learner chooses to access and use new information determines as to whether or not it ‘sticks’.

Eskil has developed a complete wrap-around executive L&D solution focusing on giving you a return on development investment.


Eskil’s global network of facilitators have been certified by our Quality Management team to ensure that they have the necessary skills to make the learning & development experience both relevant and sustainable.

Our model puts the learner at the center.

Applied Knowledge

Our L&D programs all offer CPD Credits as they are delivered under the auspices of MSA University.

All of our workshops are experiential: we have a wide library of exercises and games to help embed core theories and a focus on how it can be applied back into the workplace.

Highly Experienced Facilitators

All of Eskil's facilitators are either former CEOs, Directors or leadership experts. With over 70% of our facilitators being bilingual, we are able to comfortably facilitate internationally.
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Get The Best Out Of Your Learning

Eskil uses applied business psychology, e-learning, serious games, simulators, facilitated peer learning and more as we ensure that the content explored stays with you and is embedded into your daily practices.

E-Learning and Serious Games

Eskil's use of e-learning, serious games and simulators is testament to our commitment to continually develop compelling short courses and programs.

Applied Business Psychology

Embedded into all of Eskil's short courses and programs is applied business psychology - working at the individual, team and corporate level as we create transformational, authentic leader cultures.