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“Intrapreneurship is an organizational investment into developing a structured approach to using improvement, innovation and invention to achieve something new and inspirational whether this is for social or financial returns or both.” (Neil Fogarty – Author, Business Noodles)

Eskil Training delivers a series of blended learning & development programs based around idea generation, intrapreneur ecosystems, and the intrapreneur canvas It's part of the current zeitgeist for companies of all ages and sizes to refer to themselves as innovative and entrepreneurial - even when this is patently not the case.  In fact, research suggests that the failure rate of intrapreneur projects is between 70-90%.

Building the right environment for intrapreneurial success is complex - intrapreneurship is transformational and, for this to succeed, you need to have the right kind of framework in place - we need to build intrapreneur ecosystems.

Building your Intrapreneur Ecosystem from Eskil on Vimeo.

Why do such companies as Apple, Facebook, Barclays and Google reap the rewards from their intrapreneur programs whilst others wither and die?

Fundamentally, they have powerful intrapreneur ecosystems. 

Either in a standalone session or part of our 3-day 'deploying intrapreneurship' workshop, you will undertake exercises and activities including identifying formal and informal intrapreneurship in the organisation and how this can be built into your current organisational framework.

As part of the registration process, we consult with you to fully understand your own objectives for this intrapreneurship workshop. We work to ensure that our content remains relevant to your needs.

Typical objectives include:
  • Understand the issues based around intrapreneurship;
  • Aligning intrapreneurship to CSR;
  • Identify your corporate catalysts;
  • Understand your current ecosystem;
  • Map your target model;
  • Develop your idea management engine
Eskil's intrapreneur ecosystems workshop has been successfully delivered to people in such roles as:
  • CEOs / Managing Directors interested in developing an intrapreneur strategy;
  • Members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) tasked to future-proof the organization;
  • Members of the Senior Management Team looking to outward-facing and inward-facing innovation;
If you are unsure about the suitability of this workshop for you, contact our Concierge Team and they can talk it through with you. You can email them at
I found the i-lab framework and the accompanying workshops to be challenging, relevant and stimulating with the level of delivery only limited by the input of the participants. The beauty of the approach is the emphasis on self-learning and reflection and that officers at all levels are encouraged to be part of the solution.
Procurement Manager, UK Local Government

I had tried to book a ticket for the full 3 days of the Eskil workshop on intrapreneurship but could not attend the first day. Eskil have broken down their full workshop into 3 separate days and so I attended the 2nd day. This is a very clever workshop that introduces you to a framework for developing your corporate entrepreneurs, taking into account executive, HR, IT, Finance and more. The whole day was focused on you building your own ecosystem and so the outcome can be easily measured. I would strongly advise people to attend. Delivered in both Arabic and English.
AS, Learning & Development, Education, Egypt

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