There are a number of aspects that define and determine the general health of an organisation.  Eskil has broken them down into three areas: leadership, corporate effectiveness and intrapreneurship.

Organisational Health is recognised as an enterprise’s ability to function effectively, to cope adequately, to change appropriately, and to grow from within.

We have a portfolio of strategy-aligned corporate effectiveness programs that incorporate:

  • elearning
  • simulators
  • activity-based workshops
  • serious games
  • coaching & mentoring
  • virtual classrooms
  • work-based assignments

Our workshops include:

  • Introduction to intrapreneurship
  • Design Thinking
  • Building the Intrapreneur Ecosystem
  • Identifying your Corporate Catalysts
  • The Intrapreneur Canvas
  • Introduction to Holacracy
  • Building your network maps


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Deploying Intrapreneurship

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Intrapreneur Ecosystems

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Eskil Training delivers a series of blended learning & development programs based around idea generation, intrapreneur ecosystems, and the intrapreneur canvas

Your Intrapreneur Canvas

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