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Middle East Training & Middle East Workshops - Transformational Leader Behaviour in Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE

Transformational leadership facilitates a redefinition of a people’s mission and vision, a renewal of their commitment and the restructuring of their systems for goal accomplishment. (Ken Leithwood - educational researcher and professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education)
Whether you are task-oriented or people-oriented, your behaviors are not driven directly by a particular situation, but rather by the perceptions and interpretations of the situation that you face as a leader. Your transformation leader behaviour can be a predictor of influences and a determinant of leadership success. 

The current landscape calls for people with transformational leaders adept in dealing with the the global mega trends of rapid urbanisation, climate change & resource scarcity, shifts in global economic power, demographic & social change, and technological breakthroughs. 

During the 3 days, you will undertake exercises and activities including psychology and behavioural assessments, facilitated reflection and self-analysis, development of strategies and implementation plans, and more. You can expect to realise such outcomes / outputs as:

  • A documented 360-degree Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire;
  • A documented individual and / or 360-degree emotional intelligence report;
  • A personal Time Line to highlight what determines your behaviours;
  • 1:1 session to review your cognitive behaviour;
  • Networking with like-minded, forward-looking business professionals; and
  • A personal leadership development pathway with action plan
The transformational leader behavior workshop is a 3-day experience for people seeking to invest in their personal / professional development: future-facing people with an interest in growing as an individual whilst taking their organization to new levels of success. 

This is a highly reflective experience where the focus is very much on the 'self' - how you think, feel and act. 

Set in high-quality surroundings, you will explore what makes a transformational leader, how you perceive yourself, and determine what holds you back from being an inspirational and successful leader. You will finish the short course with a personal development plan and an opportunity to keep in touch with your facilitator to 'keep on track'.

Beyond this, you will benefit from 1:1 sessions with our facilitators.

As part of the registration process, we consult with you to fully understand your own objectives for this transformational leader behaviour workshop. We work to ensure that our content remains relevant to your needs.

Typical objectives include:
  • Acquaint / re-acquaint yourself with the Full Range Leadership Model
  • Understand the 4 Is of transformational leadership behaviour;
  • Measure how you perceive yourself with regard to specific leadership behaviors;
  • Sit in a virtual boardroom as you explore leadership issues with your peers;
  • Develop a leadership behaviour pathway for you to action; and
  • Create new and meaningful networks
Based on this, our transformational leader behaviour program is only open to such people as:
  • CEOs / Managing Directors interested in growing their strategic capability;
  • Members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) needing to bolster their strategic strengths;
  • Members of the Senior Management Team identified for progression into the SLT;
  • Team members involved in transformation programmes
When Eskil started to speak to me a week before the workshop, I realised that this was going to be different to other training that I had attended in UAE and other parts of GCC. The facilitators were very well briefed, the content was focused on us carrying out many exercises and the case studies helped to explain key points. The venue and meals were of a high standard and the workbooks full of useful information. I feel that I earned my certificate!
DA, Director, Business Services, UAE

I have attended many leadership workshops and was not sure what to expect from Eskil. I had spoken to their Concierge Team and have never been interviewed about why I am attending, what I am seeking to learn, and why I had chosen this specific workshop. The liaison was very efficient and the pack supplied to the delegates was the best that I have ever seen. The other delegates were operating at Director level and so the conversations were as valuable as the content and the facilitators. I have advised other directors in the organisation to consider Eskil’s workshops.
TP, Director, Freight, UAE

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