Picking The Best Training Model

When it comes to Eskil’s tailored training model, Eskil doesn’t just offer learning & development to teams or groups but also to your key individuals.

Tailored learning & development is a blend of facilitated discussion, mentoring, coaching, and education.  No two people are the same and so no two interventions are the same.

Bearing this in mind, there are so many things to consider and we appreciate that you want answers to questions before making your investment.  Whilst there are thousands of training companies working at the lower levels of the organization (e.g. technical / functional training), it is not so obvious as you go further up the hierarchy.

The primary questions that we are asked about our training model and how it is delivered in the Middle East are:

Tailored learning models are of benefit across the entire organization - it supports people considering expanding into new markets; gaining increased market share; engaging with stakeholders (including colleagues); performance improvement; conflict management; leadership development and more. 

This is an investment into key individuals in the organisation where you are looking to focus on a specific opportunity / issue.
Tailored learning & development has been successfully provided to people at the levels of CEOs, board directors, members of the senior leadership team, members of the senior management team, and key team members.

Whereas you may already have a coach / mentor, this goes further inasmuch as we use facilitated education as a way to build new knowledge before agreeing actions for implementation / action.
Our tailored learning & development is delivered virtually (virtual classrooms, Skype, FaceTime, etc.) as well as face-to-face.
Tailored learning is entirely customized - this is usually based on a baseline meeting and psychometric assessment as we understand why tailored learning is taking place and how we can start with the psychology of the client.   Depending upon the engagement, we can also make use of a series of 360-degree question sets to get a more rounded view.

In terms of timing, we work to your diary - this includes weekends and evenings in order to impact less on your work commitments.
Work facilitated by Eskil is CPD-Certified as it is delivered in partnership with MSA University's Corporate Services & Business Division.

You will be equipped with new skills suitable to specific issues and will also have secured CPD credits for the time invested into it.
Our prices are as tailored as the solutions delivered. We work with you to build your individual learning & development intervention taking into account:
  • Location for sessions (onsite and / or offsite);
  • Refreshments and meals;
  • Number of individual / 360-degree psychometric tests;
  • Use of serious games / simulators;
  • Delegate pack (workbook, exercise book, padfolio and stationery);
  • Personal concierge service including organizing travel, pick-up and drop-off;
  • CPD Credits
  • Certificate of Completion awarded which can be attached to your HR records as well as CV;
  • Facilitator feedback and IV observations available as a reference for future employers

Contact me to discuss our training model of individual tailored Middle East learning & development

Facilitators within Eskil’s network are former CEOs / Directors for $50m+ organizations or leadership experts.  The majority of the facilitators are multi-lingual and have a background in applied business psychology.

To organize a discussion regarding UAE Learning & Development:

Contact: Scott Taylor
Cell: +44 1926 497 211
Email: enquiry@eskil.co
Website: eskil.co

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Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor works within the Concierge Team of Eskil. He manages the relationships with potential delegates of Eskil's Open and Corporate Workshops as well as keeping track of our engagement throughout. From first enquiry to awarding your Certificate of Completion, Scott and his team is by your side.