Stress Management

“In small doses, stress has many advantages including achieving your goals and accomplishing tasks more efficiently. Feeling stressed can feel perfectly normal but extended periods of stress can weaken the immune system and cause high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, anxiety and even heart disease."

Stress is caused by different issues and manifests itself in different ways - and, at the senior levels, this affects more than just the individual: organisational success is dependent upon your leader's ability to manage stress.

If you are working to cope with stress, your focus shifts from organisational health and success: your skills in problem solving and decision-making reduce; attitude & mindset erode; and your collaborative capabilities weaken.

Whilst the cause and affect can be relatively unique, there are some recognized approaches to managing stress.

Executive Stress Management Workshops
A great deal of thought has been put into creating the right kind of experience for you:
  • High-quality venue to ensure that you are comfortable whilst 'off the grid';
  • Each day finishes before 4pm in order for you to go back on the grid before spending the evening involved in one of our activities;
  • Highly reflective sessions to help you understand your personal drivers and triggers; and
  • Facilitation with a focus on helping you to develop your own approaches to stress management
Course language(s) include: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic

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Our executive stress management workshop is based around facilitated discussions and hands-on exercises: a 2-day program that helps you to understand good and bad stress, recognise your own stress triggers and how to manage it. 

Set in high-quality surroundings, you will confidentially explore your own causes and effects of stress and engage with like-minded peers.

Beyond this, you will benefit from 1:1 sessions with our leadership facilitators.

As part of the registration process, we consult with you to fully understand your own objectives for this corporate strategy workshop. We work to ensure that our content remains relevant to your needs.

Typical objectives include:
  • Acquaint yourself with the causes of stress;
  • Understand the application of talking therapy;
  • Gain an insight into the use of emotional intelligence in managing stress;
  • Develop your abilities in reflection and meditation;
  • Managing irrational beliefs; and
  • Create new and meaningful networks

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Our workshops are based around confidentiality: senior people need a safe 'sandboxed' environment to explore their thinking and so we must create the right space for this to happen.

Based on this, our executive stress management workshop is only open to such people as:
  • CEOs / Managing Directors interested in growing their strategic capability;
  • Members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) needing to bolster their strategic strengths;
  • Members of the Senior Management Team identified for progression into the SLT;
If you are unsure about the suitability of this workshop for you, contact our Concierge Team and they can talk it through with you. You can email them at concierge@eskiltraining.co.

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With a focus on self-analysis and reflection, you can expect to realise such outcomes / outputs as:

  • An individual State-Trait Anxiety Inventory;
  • Individual emotional intelligence assessment;
  • A personal Time Line to highlight what determines your behaviours;
  • 1:1 session to review your cognitive behavior;
  • Personal development pathway with action plan; and
  • Post-workshop mentor program
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Early booking: All bookings made more than 42 days in advance qualify for early booking discount of 25%.

Availability: The maximum cohort size for the DELUXE Workshops is 16 people.

Registration terms: To ensure that the appropriate environment is organised and that any pre-workshop work has been completed, deadline for registration is 10 days prior to the start date. Those who wish to register after the deadline should speak to a member of the Concierge Team at concierge@eskiltraining.co.

Certificate: A Certificate of Completion will be issued to all participants on verification of the workshop exercise book by our Internal Verification Team.

Payment: Whilst we are able to take payment via credit card or Paypal, we recommend payment through bank transfer.  Contact us through the Program / Ticket Enquiry tab and we will go through the final part of the process of securing your place on one of our programs.

Terms & Conditions: Feel free to check out our Terms & Conditions here - we also seek confirmation that you have read these when booking your place with one of our learning & development experiences.

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